About me

We are what we repeatedly do.

I find inspiration from all things creative and strive for the pursuit of growth on a daily basis. I greatly admire people that put positive action into their lives through the power habit. One of my favourite superheroes is Captain America and one of my favourite books is “The Way of the Fight” by Georges St-Pierre. Along with UI/UX design and front-end development I also love electronic music, audiobooks, podcasts, fitness, and practicing mindfulness.

I have been fortunate to visit a number of areas in Canada growing up and went to school at Vancouver Island University. Recently, I have also taken up the role of highschool teacher at a Canadian accredited offshore school and have been finding it immensely rewarding to be working with students and technology. My wife and I both love to travel and over the past few years we have been to Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, where we currently reside.

Web development is a constantly evolving industry, so within the past few years I have been witnessing great strides in the areas of server side rendering, serverless architecture, vertical scaling, and continuous Git repo deployments. I tend to work the most in Figma, Visual Studio Code, and CLI for dev tools. When it comes to performance ready React frameworks, I would recommend Gatsby.js for building static sites and Next.js for building dynamic API routed sites!